Biblical Principles Are The Foundation Of All Programs


(turn broken lives into productive lives)

In June, I launched a website for TAILOR-MADE RESULTS, INC., which is a non-profit ministry of Restoration for Young Men After Incarceration. The ministry focus is to teach tools for the transition back into family and society by Transforming the Mind by the Gospel, teaching 'How to Put the Flesh Under' (stopping violence and abuse) and 'How To Walk In Love.'

The ministry setting will be ranch living, that provides a total milieu setting needed to house and model restoration  methods, provide applications, and implement sessions to practice the principles taught. I learned working with private individuals and court ordered detainees the traditional 1-hour clinical sessions were insufficient for the time needed in dealing with questions, answers, implementations, explanations of how the principles are applied into the daily living of those troubled. 

The latter months of 2015 was a time of intercessory prayer. A time of greater trust in Him, with greater growth, development, strength, and hope. I sensed in my spirit that God wanted all of us to believe for more; there is so much more He wants to do through each of us. He is counting on us to carry out our part in His plan. He wants us to step up, and step out, into those areas where He needs us as laborers. He reminded me of Noah, who was open to what God said, and Noah saved the human race. Thank God he was obedient and didn't let the pressure of the world stop him, for it took 120 years to build the ark, and his building the ark was at a time when it had never rained. So you can imagine the pressure he probably received, from the doubters and naysayers, questioning his actions? So, don't let doubt and unbelief steal your dreams!

As I proceeded through the year, I was thankful for the continued prayers. I ask you to keep me in your prayers. I pray blessings over you. May you remember that your hope is in Jesus. Trust Him. And tell the world --- their hope is in Him too. 

Let's go across to the other side.

Mark 4:35-39

Rev. Marilyn Christopherson, LMSW, ACSW

Happy New Year Everyone!

Prayer continues regarding the ministry expansion; regarding those God is leading to become involved and for the actual transition onto the land, where lives will be restored and walls rebuilt. Until then, the ministry focused on helping, praying and encouraging others address their goals and plans. God blessed these efforts abundantly. In the meantime, I pray that all are well. For another year is history. For many, the highlights may be full of good memories. For others, 2015 may have had too many challenges. When I look back, my highlights include a mixture, but overall, I trusted the Lord with all my heart and leaned not on my own understanding; in all my ways acknowledged him and He directed my paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). My reflections included a lot of change, but the God of hope filled me with joy and peace as I believed Him (Romans 15:13).

Upon completion of the movie, I learned the church purchased the Diamond W Arena Complex in Alvarado, Tx, to accommodate the increase in church attendance. In March, we had less than thirty days to clean the Diamond W Complex. I helped in the cleaning. We were preparing for the annual Easter Weekend, Joe Beaver Jr Roping Event, April 3-5.  I served as Volunteer Coordinator, making the schedules for volunteers for the total facility and grounds, inside and out. This Jr Roping Event was an opportunity to walk in love by loving on the contestants and going the extra mile to show that they were welcome.

Approximately 75 volunteers stayed busy. Volunteers were placed at the entry onto the grounds, giving directions for parking, vendor loading, directing traffic for motor homes and horse trailers, and managing in/out traffic flow in general. Volunteers helped contestants locate their stall, and monitored and emptied all arena, and grounds, trash receptacles. The guests were continually complimenting the work of the volunteers. Contestants said they felt truly welcomed and likedthe organization, teamwork and followthrough throughout the weekend. This was very encouraging to everyone. 

2015 - A Year in Review

At the beginning of the year I again presented myself as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1), and to be courageous (Joshua 1:17); obey His instructions and keep the Word of God on my mind and in my heart, mediating constantly that God is on my side. As I continued to stand in faith for people and land manifestations, I sensed in my spirit to attend, and become, a member of Shepherd's Valley Cowboy Church (SVCC). I then became a member of the church's Search and Rescue team, as a foot searcher. At the same time pastor announced a movie was going to be made about his father, Jasper 'Buck' Livingston. The movie was to be about the decision Buck made that influenced and forever changed the American cowboy culture. The beginning of the Cowboy Church. Buck 'wanted to make a difference.' My heart immediately connected to the movie's purpose. Like Buck, God showed me while in private practice in Washington state (as a Cognitive & Behavioral Therapist), He was taking me a different direction. That difference meant, 'I would be making a difference, one person at a time.'

While waiting for God's direction, in early January, I was hired to be the movie's Script Supervisor (duties: a member of the film crew, and to maintain a daily log of director comments and camera settings, and make sure all scenes are covered). I auditioned to be an Extra and was chosen. The movie, "Nail 32" (32 nails are needed to shoe a horse) began filming January 27 and ended February 21. The "Nail 32" Movie Premiere was in Cleburne, Tx, in July. 

The end of April, I total my car. Only minor damage was done to the other vehicle, and there were no injuries. Praise God! May through December was a time of daily prayer, including intercession, regarding many events and for many people's lives. It was a time of encouraging others (129+ opportunities noted) during times of trials in their life. God was faithful in ministering to them through me. They shared that the encouragement was 'tangible,' and they experienced peace in their spirits. Praise the Lord!

As a new Search and Rescue member I was invited to attend the Open House of the Johnson County Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) of Tx. Their mission is to restore lives of abused children in partnership with local communities and agencies investigating and prosecuting child abuse. Then I, along with other Search and Rescue members, participated with CAC in four fundraising events.