(turn broken lives into productive lives)

We Encourage, Equip, & Enable, so that what is Within, will Come Out.

We teach how to change & how to develop A Relationship with God, how to Walk in Love, while Loving One Another, as well as how to be Led by the 

Holy Spirit.

We Address Thoughts & Attitudes & How They Affect Behavior. We teach 

Responsibility & Accountability. TransitionalSkills & Training for mentees to become productive members of the community. We stop the Cycle of Violence.

God has a plan for us to live in victory every day. When challenges arise, we need people who will stand with us. Mentors deliver custom solutions, tailor-made to the objectives and strategies developed to accomplish the mission for changing one's life direction. 

We will provide activities, that promote the Western Heritage & Culture, for application & practice, giving opportunities to hone the menses skin, while Changing Outcomes, Improving Lives, & Improving Texas.

our mentees

Methods will be taught that will Increase Responsibility, Accountability, Follow-Through, Honor & Respect, and Walking in Love  

Seeking young men, after incarceration, who want Help in Changing their Responses & Behaviors, and are willing to begin dealing with the Brokenness.

Men who are Self Motivated to Change, and have a Tenacity to Work to Become the Man of God he know that he is Called to be. 

Our first focus is to help the young men (19,20,21 years of age) coming out of incarceration, teaching transitional skills (how to renew their minds & change their responses), but will also help older ages of men. 

All substance abuse issues must have been dealt with prior to entry into our program. For, we will be addressing anger, domestic violence, and issues that have arisen due to a poor/or no father/son relationship.

The program is free.

Mentors & Mentees: Contact Marilyn Christopherson, Director 

Phone: 817-913-1888

email:  cmarilyn@tailor-maderesults.org

our approach

who we are

Biblical Principles Are The Foundation Of All Programs

TMR ministry helps you live the victorious life God promised, by showing how Scriptural Principles can be interwoven into your daily life with a focus on development of alternative choices & solutions to life situations.

Methods are taught to increase Responsibility, Accountability, Follow-Through, & Honor & Respect, while walking in Love and Loving One Another.

We offer a range of services, all designed to help you reach your potential. Our services help men, in todays society, that  have no father/son relationship background, or training, and they need help in this transition process of knowing how to be 'head of a family.'  We include teaching on how to have 'No Tolerance' for Violent & Abusive Behaviors.

85% of youths in prison come from broken homes

70% of those in juvenile detention come from broken homes
71% of high school dropouts come from broken homes
75% of all drug users come from broken homes